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H12:1 Endurance Race

The H12:1 Endurance Race is by far the most difficult race in the world.  There’s more danger, more risk, and more reward in this race than in all other races combined.  Do you have the endurance to make it to the end and cross the finish line?

At DRP, we’ve invented products that have taken racing to a whole new level.  We manufacture over 3,000 products specifically designed to save you time on the track and in the garage so you can get to the finish line first.  However, finishing the H12:1 a winner will take the greatest product we can offer.

The H12:1 Endurance Race is the race of life and our greatest product is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with you.  We’d like to offer you this special opportunity to find out more information on this race and a relationship with Jesus Christ by downloading our eBook,  The H12:1 Endurance Race, free of charge. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this short eBook and consider what lies beyond the finish line.

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